Rio - Rainbow Gate!: Reshuffle Episode 11

Added: July 11, 2012

Rio and her friends enter Goltschmidt Kingdom and start winning big in the various attractions in order to be able to buy back the resort. However, Mint's bear Choco goes missing, so Rio goes with her back to the casino to search for it. Meanwhile, Howard talks to the true Joker, Risa Rollins, who reveals she hid herself from the Casino Guild to protect Rio. The next day, everyone had lost their winnings thanks to twins named Yang-Yang and An-An who challenge Rio and friends to an explosive game of Concentration. With the score tied, Rio shares her aura with Mint, who is able to find the final pair and win the match. Just then, a wayward explosion hits Mint, but she is rescued by An-An, who is revealed to be Choco, who Yang-Yang had taken to make into a friend to play with. Rina then appears and Rio challenges her to a Gate Battle.

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