Bleach Episode 364

Added: March 13, 2012

Byakuya starts his battle with Tsukishima. When Tsukishima reveals that he can use his Fullbring on inanimate objects as well", he traps Byakuya and hits him and Senbonzakura, thus learning all he needs to know about Byakuya's weaknesses. Meanwhile, Rukia fights against Riruka and gets her body trapped in a stuffed animal due to Riruka's new powers. She attempts to fight with Kido, but it accidentally implodes inside herself. Riruka starts to reveal her past and Xcution's past, which gets her distracted enough for Rukia to touch her zanpakuto. Unable to dodge her, Riruka hits Rukia with her Fullbring and disappears, leaving her to collapse. Back to Byakuya's fight, Tsukishima is able to overwhelm him and manages to inflict a serious injury. However, Byakuya shoots out his bankai from his hand," and it pierces Tsukishima's chest. Byakuya thanks him for an exciting battle and Tsukishima falls to the ground.

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