Bleach Episode 341

Added: December 7, 2011

Ichigo successfully unleashes bankai and fights against Yushima, while the captains and vice-captains fight the reigai. With the assistance of his friends, Ichigo is able to fire a hollowfied getsuga tenshou, which Yushima is unable to absorb because of his inability to absorb hollow reiatsu. However, his friends get defeated once again by Yushima. Kon realizes that to break the Nozomi's and Inaba's fusion, Ichigo will have to attack his soul sleep, which contains a shinigami's powers. As Yushima strikes at Ichigo, he catches his zanpakuto and fires a huge hollowified getuga tenshou, which causes great damage to Yushima and the area. Nozomi's consciousness appears again, asking Ichigo to kill her. Before he can do this, Yushima takes complete control and unleashes Renzan Hajokuri, which creates a giant structure that absorbs the reishi from Soul Society. Being surrounded by his structure and Ichigo out of the way, Nozomi regains control and creates a reishi sword to slice Yushima's soul sleep. The reigai react shockingly to Yushima's attack and reveal that their motive was to protect Soul Society in their own way. The reigai proceed to attack the Yushima's effect at the cost of their own lives, causing a huge explosion. Ichigo deactivates his bankai and has one last clash with an enraged Yushima before breaking the fusion. Inaba and Nozomi reappear again, and Inaba begins to question his thoughts to Nozomi before fading away. Nozomi reuinites with Kon and the rest of her friends, before she starts fades away herself. Nozomi has a heartwarming goodbye with Kon and everyone else and fades away.

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