Bleach Episode 322

Added: December 7, 2011

Kon continues following Nozomi, who claims to have some sort of uncertain destination that she will not reveal. Later, Ichigo, Orihime, and Sado are seen searching for Nozomi, while Uryū is seen tending to the wounds of four soul reapers previously attacked. Izuru Kira's Reigai attacks Matsumoto, claiming to be stronger than before. After releasing his zanpakuto, he attacks Matsumoto who manages to block his attacks. As she attempts to release her zanpakuto, it drops to the ground. Fake Kira explains that Inaba improved his abilities, and now his sword increases the weight ten-fold with every hit. Kira manages to subdue her and nearly behead her, however she blocks his zanpakuto with a steel pole, which forces his sword to the ground, trapping it due to its weight. Matsumoto then attacks with Haineko, and Fake Kira disintegrates. Back in Soul Society, Ukitake pleas to Central 46, asking them to free Kyoraku. They deny his request, and he meets with Unohana, who warns him to be careful. Later, false Rukia attacks the real Rukia. Nemu Kurotsuchi's Reigai arrives and joins the brawl, revealing that the two imposters form a formidable tag team. Then, the real Nemu arrives, killing her Reigai. False Nemu disintegrates like Kira, leaving behind a red stone. Nemu assumes that this is the true form of the Reigai. Rukia then defeats her respective Reigai, and Matsumoto joins Rukia and Nemu. When they agree to search for Nozomi, Rukia reveals she is actually the false Rukia, and then she tosses Nemu and Matsumoto into the river with the real Rukia. Elsewhere, Nozomi tells Kon she must find a place with a row of shrine gates, and Kon agrees to take her to the first place he remembers. Also, Ukitake frees Kyoraku from imprisonment, though Kyoraku slashes Ukitake and reveals he is also a Reigai. Fake Kyoraku meets with fake Ukitake, and the two flee.

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