Bleach Episode 321

Added: December 7, 2011

The episode begins with Ukitake and Kyoraku suspecting some sort of foul play within Soul Society, questioning Ichigo's arrest. They reflect on a previous captain meeting, where Kurotsuchi claims that Ichigo tampered with work in the Precipice World, which is supported by Kenpachi Zaraki. Unbeknowest to Ukitake and Kyoraku, both Mayuri and Kenpachi are imposters. Ichigo is then placed under suspicion by the head captain. In Karakura Town, Ichigo retires to his room to find Kon tied up in his closet. He informs Ichigo that Nozomi has escaped again. Ichigo, his friends, and the Soul Reapers trapped in the living world proceed with searching for her. In Soul Society, Inaba addresses an unresponsive figure closely resembling Nozomi, dressed in attire similar to Rukia's during her arrest. This indicates Nozomi left her soul and escaped to the living world. Kon manages to find Nozomi, though she is reluctant to return. Meanwhile, the imposters arrive in Karakura Town. Ikkaku, Yumichika, Omaeda, Hisagi are confronted by their respective Reigai. Omaeda's Reigai also happens to look more appealing than the real one, having claimed he did not want Omaeda's actual looks. The Soul Reapers engage their imposters in an intense, fast-paced combat, with Hisagi and Omaeda tricking their imposters and defeating them. However, Ikkaku and Yumichika are nearly killed, though their Reigai are fended off after Uryū arrives to join the fray. The false Ikkaku and false Yumichika retreat. At the episode's conclusion, Kira's Reigai approaches Matsumoto, Rukia encounters her own Reigai, and Suì-Fēng arrests Kyoraku, who, like Ichigo, has been framed by Inaba.

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