Bleach Episode 312

Added: December 7, 2011

This episode starts off with many Soul Reapers, including Ayasegawa Yumichika and Madarame Ikkaku," greeting ""Captain"" Omaeda; however", it is soon revealed that it was just Omaeda's dream. Omaeda is about to go back to sleep when he realises that his little afternoon nap had turned into a 3 hour sleep. Omaeda realises that he is already late and begins to run back to Sereitei so he does not get punished by Soi Fon. However, he falls off a cliff as he does so and apparently saves the life of a Rukongai boy by falling on top of a hollow who was about to attack the boy, who takes him back to his village where Omaeda claims he is the captain of the 2nd Division. The villagers serve Omaeda platefuls of their best food to express their gratitude to the 'captain' for saving the boy, Ryuzaburo. That night Omaeda who is sleeping in the Rukongai village wakes up and rushes back to 2nd Division's barracks after realising that he will be severely punished by his captain. The next day, Omaeda is shown apologizing and trying desperately to get mercy from his captain, but SoiFon states that Omaeda's prescence was not missed and sends him to clean the Seretei grounds by himself. Meanwhile Ryuzaburo and 2 of his friends are trying to get into Seretei to see their 'captain'. Yoruichi and Ichigo happen to be passing by and Yoruichi tells Jidanbo to let the boys in and that she will take responsibility for it. The boys tell Yoruichi and Ichigo that the 'captain' never said his name but that he was the captain of 2nd Division. When they arrive at 2nd Squad's barracks Omaeda begs Yoruichi and Ichigo to go along with the story to which Yoruichi agrees to while Ichigo on the other hand was reluctant. Yoruichi gives many suggestions to the boys as to what they should have Omaeda show them. As Omaeda is walking down the street with the 3 boys, they run into Yumichika and Ikkaku, who also play along with the story in order to get cash from Omaeda. Yumichika then tells Matsumoto about this, who then notifies a big group of female shinigamis to follow. In the end even SoiFon plays along with the story by giving Omaeda a masage and also doing his chores for him after being persuaded by Yoruichi. However, at the end of the day, the three boys overhear Ikkaku and Yumichika discussing the fact that Omaeda would never become a captain. Ryuzaburo becomes angry at Omaeda and runs home only to be stopped by the hollow from the day before but Omaeda saves him and bids him farewell. The episode ends with the 3 boys returning to their village and SoiFon beating Omaeda up for insulting her.

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