Bleach Episode 275

Added: December 4, 2011

Hitsugaya releases his Hyōten Hyakkaso, an attack that manipulates the weather then uses it to dramatically increase its power, and successfully freezes Harribel, trapping her in a tower of ice. Meanwhile, Suì-Fēng and Omaeda continue their fight against Barragan. He explains how each Espada represents an aspect of death, with his being aging. He demonstrates this aspect on Suì-Fēng: first, by slowing her reaction time, making her unable to land any of her attacks on him, then by grabbing her shoulder and aging it to the point that it breaks from frailty. Omaeda and Suì-Fēng devise a strategy and attack Barragan but Omaeda hesitates at the last moment and it fails. Barragan then releases his zanpakutō, Arrogante, and unleashes his Respira, a dark cloud that decays everything in its path. His Respira chases after Suì-Fēng and manages to reach her left hand, withering it down to the bone then begins to spread up her arm. Suì-Fēng, realizing that her whole body will decay into nothing unless drastic action is taken, orders Omaeda to cut off her left arm before the Respira can spread further, which he does.

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