Bleach Episode 244

Added: December 1, 2011

Wabisuke is about to finish off Izuru when Kenpachi appears. The zanpakuto turns to strike him but is killed off by Kenpachi instead, leaving Izuru unable to use Wabisuke. Yachiru appears as well and tells the shinigami present that she and Kenpachi were off hunting hollows and got lost on the way back (presumably because Yachiru was giving directions), providing an explanation for their disappearance throughout the crisis. Senbonzakura takes on Kenpachi but is overwhelmed by the latter's enormous spiritual power, which destroys a wide radius around them. Byakuya intervenes and fights Kenpachi while Senbonzakura resumes his fight with Ichigo. Yumichika breaks out of Ruriiro Kujaku's binding vines and defeats him, reclaiming his zanpakuto.

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