Bleach Episode 239

Added: December 1, 2011

Ichigo is still trapped in the ice prison Hyōrinmaru imprisoned him in as Tōshirō and Hyōrinmaru confront each other. Meanwhile, Momo and Rangiku fight their zanpakutō in the woods and finally manage to overpower them with kidō spells. As Hyōrinmaru and Tōshirō begin to fight, Tōshirō tries to seal him but is shocked as Hyōrinmaru effortlessly dissolves the seal into fragments of ice. As their fight continues, Hyōrinmaru's tremendous power turns the whole of Soul Society's sky black. Tōshirō began to recall his past during his first encounter with Hyōrinmaru to convince him. Tōshirō managed to activate Hyōrinmaru's shikai, thus managed to convince Hyōrinmaru that Tōshirō is his master. Despite freezing himself along with his zanpakutō and losing consciousness, Tōshirō manages to convince Hyōrinmaru of his identity.

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