Bleach Episode 226 English Subbed

Added: November 27, 2011

Ayon goes into a rage after being wounded by Yamamoto and increases in size, but Yamamoto easily defeats it and Halibel's three Fracciones. Hitsugaya struggles against Halibel, who reveals that she is third among the Espada and then hits him with a torrent of energy. Kyōraku fights Starrk, who reveals that he is the top Espada. Elsewhere in Las Noches, Chad and Renji have defeated the Exequias, as Rukia is left to battle Rudbornn. Ichigo continues his fight with Ulquiorra, and despite Ulquiorra's claim that Ichigo's friends and the Soul Reapers will be defeated, Ichigo has faith in their victory and continues to fight against him.

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