Bleach Episode 225 English Subbed

Added: November 27, 2011

Lilynette attempts to fight Ukitake, but he is able to effortlessly block her attacks and tells her to give up, angering her. The fused creature named Ayon is able to severely wound Rangiku and Momo with little effort, but Hisagi and Izuru arrive to save them. Hisagi attempts to fight Ayon while Izuru tends to Momo and Rangiku's wounds, but Ayon overpowers him. Iba tries to intervene, but Ayon pushes him aside with a cero blast from a hidden eye. It tosses Hisagi aside and advances on Izuru, but Yamamoto, disappointed that his men are unable to defeat it, steps in to fight it, wounding it with his staff.

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