Bleach Episode 222

Added: November 27, 2011

Ggio manages to free himself and fights back against Suì-Fēng, chiding her for not finishing him off when she had the chance. He releases his zanpakutō, Tigre Estoque, and continues fighting her, seeming to be of equal or greater skill. Ōmaeda continues fighting Nirgge, and while it appears that Nirgge can keep up with his speed even in his slower release state. Ōmaeda reveals that he had only pretended to be slow, and manages to outmaneuver Nirgge and bash him in the head with his zanpakutō, Gegetsuburi. Despite this, Nirgge gets up again, only to be knocked down again when Ggio accidentally knocks Suì-Fēng at his head.

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