Bleach Episode 219

Added: November 27, 2011

Hisagi has difficulty fighting his opponent, Findor Carias, despite technically being on the same level of power. When Findor releases his zanpakutō, Pinza Aguda and corners Hisagi with blasts of water, Hisagi reluctantly releases his zanpakutō, Kazeshini. With his zanpakutō released Hisagi overpowers Findor, seeing this Findor breaks off ninety percent of his mask, now making him much stronger, but Hisagi easily damages him leaving Findor paralyzed with fear. After overpowering Findor, Hisagi explains that Findor is inferior to him because Findor does not fear his own power. Findor makes a desperate attempt to defeat Hisagi with a cero blast, but is killed by Hisagi's zanpakutō. Meanwhile, Poww is able to defeat Ikkaku and destroy the pillar he had been guarding.

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