Bleach Episode 214

Added: November 27, 2011

The assembled team assembled in the previous episode is to infiltrate a gate that the arrancar are using to travel between Hueco Mundo and the world of the living. At the ""Hollow Fortress""", numerous hollows attack the team. Don Kanonji and Ururu stay behind to fight the hollows on the outside," and the others enter the ""Hollow Fortress"". Once inside"," they meet one of the many arrancar from Hueco Mundo. Chizuru uses her ""Hyper Erotic Powers"" to distract the arrancar", and Keigo, Tatsuki, and Kurumadani take care of the hollows inside. Kon travels to the center of the fortress," where he meets a hollow and kills it with his ""Raiser Beam""", exploding and destroying the heart of the fortress, and the fortress itself. In the end, Urahara erects a barrier around Karakura Town, and lulls its citizens, including the Karakuraiser Team, to sleep.

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