Bleach Episode 212

Added: November 27, 2011

Urahara and Tessai try to attack Aizen, but Aizen is expecting their arrival. While Urahara reveals he has been testing hollowification in the Soul Society, Aizen flees. In the twelfth division research facilities, Urahara shows Tessai the object that may be useful in saving those undergoing the hollowfication process, being known as the Orb of Distortion. Urahara and Tessai are arrested and brought before Central Room Forty-Six the next morning, and are falsely accused as the ones responsible for Aizen's acts. Just before the two are detained, Yoruichi breaks in and takes them back to her hideout, along with the eight Soul Reapers undergoing hollowfication. Urahara declares that he will find out how to save them. Time flashes forward to present day at the Visoreds headquarters, as Shinji says that they appreciate what they have become thanks to Urahara and Aizen, and the group leaves.

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