Bleach Episode 209 English Subbed

Added: November 27, 2011

Nine years later, three shadowed figures watch as citizens of the Rukongai are devoured and killed by a strange white substance. Later, Shinji, Aizen, Mayuri, Hiyori, and Urahara meet to discuss the recent disappearances of the Rukongai citizens. Kensei Muguruma and his ninth division are deployed to assess the situation, and find a gigantic hollow, which attacks three boys. Kensei Muguruma saves one of the boys, a younger Shūhei Hisagi, from certain death. Later on Mayuri and Urahara's lab, Hiyori is chosen to go from the twelve division to see what is going on with the recent disappearances of the citizens. Kensei and the rest of his squad camp in the woods, looking for a clue as to what is attacking the people. Toudou, one of his subordinates, seemingly kills Kaname Tōsen and the rest of the group, and is struck down himself. Kensei, the only one left, is imprisoned in a well of darkness and impaled with a blade. When the darkness lifts, he recognizes his attacker.

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