Bleach Episode 199

Added: November 27, 2011

Rukia regains consciousness, and Byakuya tells her to rest and regain her strength for the impending battles. Kenpachi battles Nnoitra, and Orihime heals Nel at Ichigo's request. While swallowing Szayel Aporro with his bankai, Mayuri inadvertently poisons Uryū and Renji, and Szayel Aporro seizes the opportunity to resurrect himself by absorbing Nemu's spiritual particles through his Gabriel technique. However, in the process," he ingests a ""superhuman"" drug from inside Nemu that increases all of his senses to the point where his body cannot respond to the flood of sensory information", immobilizing him with Mayuri stating that one second would feel like a century. He then stabs Szayel Aporro through the hand before stabbing him in the heart.

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