Bleach Episode 189

Added: November 27, 2011

Amagai manages to regain control of himself after overusing his bakōtō, and Ichigo defeats him. Undeterred, Amagai stabs Yamamoto, who is unharmed by the attack. Yoruichi and various captains and lieutenants arrive, revealing to Amagai that Yamamoto ordered Amagai's father, Kisaragi, to investigate the Kasumiōji clan's bakōtō. It is explained that Kumoi used a bakōtō to control Kisaragi, and Yamamoto was forced to kill him. Upon learning this, Amagai forgives Yamamoto and to repent for his deeds, uses his zanpakutō to ignite himself. Before he dies, he apologizes to Kira. Later, Lurichiyo and Shū thank Ichigo for his aid, and Lurichiyo takes her position as the head of the Kasumiōji clan.

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