Bleach Episode 178

Added: November 27, 2011

Sealed inside a different dimension, Ichigo is forced to relive his childhood and his mother's death. Reflecting Ichigo's guilt for being unable to save his mother, the image of Ichigo's mother tries to kill him. Ichigo manages to break free of the dimension by making peace with his mother. Ichigo dons his hollow mask and overwhelms Hanza, forcing him to allow his bakōtō to absorb more of his energy. However, Hanza is consumed by his bakōtō, ignoring Ichigo's pleas to stop. Meanwhile in the Soul Society, Kira covertly follows Kibune to the Kasumiōji compound, where Kuzuryū returns to report the death of his comrades to Kumoi. In response, Kumoi orders Kibune to kill him.

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