Bleach Episode 175

Added: November 27, 2011

Having failed in his previous attempt to kill Lurichiyo, Hanza gathers three of his subordinates from the criminal underground and requests that they be given weapons similar to Saiga. Kumoi agrees and the four set out to kill Lurichiyo, Ichigo, and his friends. In Karakura Town, Lurichiyo tells Ichigo that others would frequently be blamed for her reckless actions, including Kenryū and Enryū. Sensing the arrival of Hanza and his subordinates, Ichigo and Rukia stay to protect Lurichiyo," while Uryū Ishida and Yasutora ""Chad"" Sado leave to confront their attackers. Hanza fights Ichigo as Rukia", Chad, and Uryū each begin to fight one of his subordinates.

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