Bleach Episode 171

Added: November 27, 2011

Ichigo and Rukia take Lurichiyo through the town, and they later have dinner at Ichigo's house. After Ichigo starts an argument with Lurichiyo over her refusal to eat carrots, he accidentally reveals that Kenryū and Enryū hired him as a bodyguard. Furious, Lurichiyo runs towards the river, where she meets Orihime Inoue. They are attacked by an assassin wielding a guan dao, who can fire energy blasts that solidify into rock walls. Ichigo, Rukia, Kenryū, and Enryū arrive. Kenryū uses his shikai to immobilize the assassin, allowing Ichigo to defeat him. However, the assassin commits suicide by collapsing a rock wall on himself. After the group leaves, Kumoi's head assassin, Hanza Nukui, retrieves the dead assassin's weapon. The next morning, Kenryū and Enryū realize that Lurichiyo is missing.

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