Bleach Episode 170 English Subbed

Added: November 27, 2011

Ichigo repeatedly asks Kenryū and Enryū why Lurichiyo is in the real world, and they refuse to answer him. That evening, an assassin arrives at Lurichiyo's home. The assassin uses a weapon with a mirror that reflects the moonlight to stun Ichigo, and nearly kills him. Ichigo uses his sword to reflect the moonlight against the assassin on his second try, and rather than be questioned, the assassin allows himself to be killed when Ichigo uses his getsuga tenshō. Afterward, Kenryū reveals that Lurichiyo is the heir to the noble Kasumiōji clan. He further explains that Gyōkaku Kumoi, one of caretakers serving the Kasumiōji clan, has been attempting to take control of the clan by killing Lurichiyo. Under pressure from Rukia, Ichigo agrees to protect Lurichiyo.

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