Bleach Episode 168

Added: November 27, 2011

Shūsuke Amagai, a member of a group that hunts down hollows, is unanimously appointed by the Thirteen Court Guard Squads as the new captain of the third division. He appoints Makoto Kibune as his third seat; however, Amagai and Kibune are not well-received by the third division members. On the suggestion of tenth division lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, Izuru Kira, the third division lieutenant, holds a welcoming party for Amagai, but Amagai collapses after one drink due to his low tolerance for alcohol. hollows invade a dimension near Soul Society and the third division is ordered to destroy them. Kira leaves with the third division members. While fighting the hollows," a cleanser somehow gets called in leaving the third division in a race to escape before being ""cleansed"". During their escape Captain Amagai appears", and with a last minute rescue, destroys the cleanser with ease. Then once they have calmed from their near death experience, they find out that Amagai is actually still drunk.

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