Bleach Episode 135

Added: November 27, 2011

After encountering Rangiku Matsumoto, Kon rescues a girl named Miyuki from drowning. In the process, however, Kon is swapped with Shintarō, the girl's stuffed animal. Kon attempts to talk to Miyuki, who requests that Kon play with her, as she has no friends outside her house. Kon asks her to bring him to her old house," where Kon learns that ""Shintarō"" is the name of her old dog and a two-headed dog hollow attacks them. Rangiku kills the hollow", which is revealed to be Shintarō's soul along with a Doberman Pinscher soul which combined with it to make the hollow. Afterwards, Kon insists that Miyuki stop relying on him and make friends of her own.

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