Bleach Episode 131

Added: November 27, 2011

Although Yui is able to resist the arrancar and keep Shōta safe, the original arrancar devours her. It is overpowered by Hitsugaya and Rangiku, and stalls them by revealing that Yui's trapped soul will be destroyed if they kill him. It creates hundreds of copied arrancar to attack the town while it hides behind a barrier. Hitsugaya uses his bankai in an attempt to find the arrancar by freezing the surroundings. Rangiku and Shōta manage to track the arrancar via the song it sings, and Hitsugaya disables it with his bankai. Rangiku and Shōta defeat the arrancar, releasing all the souls it devoured in the process. With the arrancar gone, Rangiku sends Shōta to the Soul Society to reunite him with his sister.

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