Bleach Episode 106 English Subbed

Added: November 23, 2011

Kariya recalls the events after the Soul Reaper attack on the Bount. After escaping from the Soul Reapers, he fused with his doll when attacked by a hollow. Desiring to travel to the Soul Society to make peace with their creators, the Bounts attempted to use the Quincy to enter the Soul Society, and were defeated. Kariya organized the remaining Bounts in order to take revenge on the Soul Society. In the present, Uryū arrives and fights Kariya. Rantao uses the Jōkaishō's power to stun Kariya, and asks Uryū to kill Kariya. However, Rantao begins to feel pain from the Jōkaishō, and Uryū uses his remaining power to save her, which destroys his Quincy battle accessory. As Kariya is about to kill Uryū and Rantao, Ichigo arrives.

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