Bleach Episode 100

Added: November 23, 2011

The bitto incapacitates Suì-Fēng with a poison, and Ritzu uses the controlled Soul Reapers to cause chaos throughout Sereitei by turning them against other Soul Reapers, including seventh division captain Sajin Komamura and ninth division lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi, who manage to knock many of the infected Soul Reapers unconscious. Meanwhile, Suì-Fēng attempts to fight Mabashi, and hits him once with her shikai, leaving a mark on his chest. She collapses from the poison, and Mabashi attempts to use Ritzu to control her. Suì-Fēng then quickly strikes Mabashi in the chest to deal a fatal blow, revealing that her zanpakutō allows her to counteract poisons. Elsewhere, Mayuri confronts the Bount Sawatari.

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