Bleach Episode 95 English Subbed

Added: November 22, 2011

Byakuya and Kariya begin their battle, and Kariya reveals his doll, which gives him the ability to control wind. Byakuya uses his shikai, but Kariya uses a barrier of wind to deflect his attack. Ichigo arrives to assist Byakuya, and after using his bankai, begins to fight Kariya. With Kariya focused on fighting Ichigo, Byakuya uses his bankai, and manages to penetrate Kariya's wind barrier. However, Kariya heals himself, revealing that in the Soul Society, the Bounts can consume the spirit particles in the air to restore their bodies. In Kusajishi," Koga and Ichinose convince the inhabitants to join them in their revolt in order to create a ""new Soul Society"".

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