Bleach Episode 90

Added: November 22, 2011

As Ichigo and Renji travel deeper into the cave, they find Yumichika's body. Ugaki summons the true form of Gesell, a large black, humanoid creature. Renji uses his bankai to battle Gesell, and Ugaki loses control of his doll. Ugaki asks Kariya to save him, but Kariya refuses, watching as Gesell causes the cave to collapse upon Ugaki. Ichigo manages to escape from the debris and finds Kariya and the other Bounts. Ichigo begins to battle Kariya," who deals with Ichigo effortlessly. Kariya informs Ichigo that they never intended to connect the human world to the ""world of the dead""", but rather to the Soul Society in order to destroy the Soul Reapers, who created the Bount.

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