Bleach Episode 57 English Subbed

Added: November 22, 2011

Suì-Fēng recalls her past with Yoruichi. She was Yoruichi's personal guard, and highly faithful to her. However, when Yoruichi left Soul Society, she felt betrayed, and carried a grudge against her mentor from that point forward. As Suì-Fēng attacks, Yoruichi uses her flash cry to block all of Suì-Fēng's attacks. Suì-Fēng breaks down in tears, asking Yoruichi why she did not take her along when she left Soul Society. Ikkaku and Iba are fighting, albeit casually for sake. Near the execution site, Ichigo uses his newly learned getsuga tenshō technique to defeat Byakuya's shikai, and requests that Byakuya use his bankai.

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