Naruto Shippuden Episode 156

Added: December 5, 2011

After intense training on Mount Myoboku, Naruto finally masters gathering Natural Energy and enters a perfected Sage Mode for the first time, surpassing even Jiraiya in it's use according to Fukasaku, who now starts teaching Naruto a unique form of senjutsu-enhanced taijutsu called Frog Kumite, which increases the range of one's physical attacks. Meanwhile, Kumogakure initiates a massive man-hunt for Killer Bee, who's elder brother and the Fourth Raikage, A, asks a three-person team of Killer Bee's former students, Samui, Karui and Omoi, to deliver an urgent letter to Konoha's Hokage, Tsunade, entailing Sasuke's attack on Kumo and Killer Bee, as well as to invite her, along with the other Kage, to a first-ever Kage Summit.

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